Oscar2 Network is launching the first sidechain L2 protocol for Cardano

Oscar² Network is planning to revolutionize the current capabilities of Cardano.

  • Plutus/Haskell knowledge needed — ecosystem builders are facing big problems on creating products like native NFT marketplaces or fully decentralized exchanges
  • Scalability — The biggest issue Cardano is currently facing, 0.2 ADA per transaction is cheap but isn’t reasonable for every transaction e.g a cup of coffee, not mentioning that complex tasks such as of a DEX will require much more fees.
  • No EVM — Many of the dApps users are used to in this era are dApps that need EVM features, Cardano has started as a concept in 2015 and since hasn’t had any breakthrough tech that will advance it over competitors like Solana, Avalanche or even the Binance Smart Chain.
  • Create a full bridge between Cardano and Oscar² in order to allow seamless transition between tokens and NFTs.
  • Build a leading network to allow for the needs of the future that includes all of the latest features from leading ecosystems like Solana and Avalanche
  • Make solidity our code — This will allow all of the current blockchain developers to participate in our network and start building ASAP
  • Initiatives — The biggest driver to the success of blockchains like Avalanche



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