Oscar2 Network is launching the first sidechain L2 protocol for Cardano

Oscar² Network is planning to revolutionize the current capabilities of Cardano.

Cardano is currently facing big issues with its smart contracts fully built on the UTXO model.

The UTXO model has a couple of big issues and those are a few of them:

  • Plutus/Haskell knowledge needed — ecosystem builders are facing big problems on creating products like native NFT marketplaces or fully decentralized exchanges
  • Scalability — The biggest issue Cardano is currently facing, 0.2 ADA per transaction is cheap but isn’t reasonable for every transaction e.g a cup of coffee, not mentioning that complex tasks such as of a DEX will require much more fees.
  • No EVM — Many of the dApps users are used to in this era are dApps that need EVM features, Cardano has started as a concept in 2015 and since hasn’t had any breakthrough tech that will advance it over competitors like Solana, Avalanche or even the Binance Smart Chain.

In conclusion, there must be a fix to all of this and Cardano’s Hydra has a lot of hype without any concrete promises.

We plan to battle the problem with our solution!

Oscar² is planning to revolutionize the ideology of Cardano as we know it, we want to bring the power back to it’s users rather than being a strong institutional giant with folks like IOHK and EMURGO that have almost complete control over Cardano’s future.

Here are our solutions:

  • Create a full bridge between Cardano and Oscar² in order to allow seamless transition between tokens and NFTs.
  • Build a leading network to allow for the needs of the future that includes all of the latest features from leading ecosystems like Solana and Avalanche
  • Make solidity our code — This will allow all of the current blockchain developers to participate in our network and start building ASAP
  • Initiatives — The biggest driver to the success of blockchains like Avalanche

We hope this gives some context to our first roadmap and will allow for us to grow and be more understood with our vision.

We have some of the top leading developers on our team as well as investors and we can’t wait to see what is going to come to us along the way!

For public relations, business or private investments, feel free to contact us directly at: team@oscar2.network



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